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Tiszaújváros adddress has changed since Okt.6. We have moved the Irnyi st. 3 no. below(next to the ambulance station) Symptoms, that our handed with PAPIMI.: Tal blood pressure and other circulatory illnesses The high blood pressure is an endemic on Hungary, young persons take medication already the against tall blood pressure, with what the alredy in case of blood pressure above 140/90 to be treated with medicine. Suitable lifestyle-motion, 2,5l water consumption daily, many vegetables, few sweets and flour would help,but the patients do notconsider this important one generally. The tall blood pressure has comlications: the vein walls weaken, cholesterin puts up. And restricts the veins, the capillaries an in this manner the heart and renal function equalli. Circulatory problems come forward likewise in the brain, whwt hides the dangers of the brain, hemorrhage alone. So, the tall blood pressure, and all of the circulatory illnesses to be treated, but the prevention would be cheaper. There is an opportunity fo everbody if he decides thet he makes changes in his lifestyle. It EIS Biorezonancia with a state survey program verifable, that how sanitari the patient is in state, where there are changes in his body. The patient based on this gets an individual dietary proposal. Besides 2,5l has to eat water daily, and has to move more(example 1/2clock walkdailiy). The patient’s general condition improves under some days. There are other service opportuneties in our surgery on the other hand:magnetic Biorezonancie.PAPIMI is a treatment and a magnetic induction treatment with a medical therapeutic unit. Rhytm disturbances and angina pectoris syndroma advantageosly impressionable, the tall blood pressure decreases.In as much the patient decides that he would not like to collect syntetic medicines, may make a chocie homeopathic treatment. Based on the experiences a complex therapy(other dining, motion, homeopathy and Biorezonace treatment) brings a result, soon one soon the symptoms ease off.. Depression and sevice oppotunities in JUNIPERUS MEDICINALCENTER Innumerable patients nowadays nervous, tense, cannot sleep. avoids the company many times, does not speak,does not eat you are too much eats a food. And wants nothing, he does not have an aim. Involuntary. This depression. The patient finds his way to a psychiatrist generally and it is necessary tocollect serious medicines through years it that let his way to a psyhiatristgenrally and it is necessary to collect serious medicines through years it, that let his nervous system get into order. Alternative to this to the cures exists: Biorezonance EIS apparátus), PAPIMI may come in for a magnetic induction treatment after a state survey. In USA already some this is used eaten the pain free procedure, with which big quantity we take energy into the organization’s cells. A recovery starts there processthey improve the metabolism activities, and generally homeopathic medicines gets the patient, and we talk over an individual diet with the patient. Often necessary the vitamin and mneral substance replacement. The patients, they feel better therapy and they come laughing already onto the next treatments. Allergy and asthma Nowadays very many men worldwide with alergy, later asthma struggling. You are allergologia in a hospital on consultation allergy tests are done. It turns out often that the patient is his organization not onto only a substance gives an allergic immune responze, but we experience a serial alergic reaction. Generally with a general state survey(EIS, or NES-with an apparatus) the examination is beginning. Based on this with the patient discuss the additional tasks. This individually and patient somebody else may report treatment method wintrily. Inded, an own service scheme is at everybody’s disposal then based on the measurements certainly. We have a diverse service opportunity in case of Asthma, that brings intense mitigation and an improvement for the patient inside short time anyway. The complette recovery depends on how aged the patient is since his illness exists, how immun it takes action his organization, and how the patient observes the agreed service guide on a manner. Our newest apparatus, which 20009 Januaries are, from 15 stands for a provision for the patients, a magnetic induktion apparátus (PAPIMI apparatus) thatbring energy into the organization’s fabrics on radiation-free one, and repairs it on a manner like this the membrane potentionals of the cells. 10-15 treatments are necessary to it generally, how we initiate the organization into the direction of the recovery, but wants to the complete recoveri enough. Its reports it in case,that for the patient much less he needs medicines. Does not destroy hereby long the immune system, but starts working heslthily. The patient in the tight sense of the word……..does not have to be afraid of the drowning attacks already, and it is not necessary to collect the much medicine already. The curing of eye disaeses doctor- nature in a ttherapeutic surgery Our surgery 2009 jan. from 15 a new apparatus is at his ill disposal:PAPIMI magnetic induction medical therapeutic apparatus. This apparatus his help hear and on radiation-free one big dose energy we bring in into the organisation’s fabrics. With the help of the energy the membrane potentials of the cells been re-establish. The cell starts recovery, the oedema, the circulatory disturbance cease, the pain cease. The treatments painless and they take advantage of cca. 20-30 minutes. The eye diseases too very good results can be reached. Abroad already more he has year experiences, the dryone in the treatment of the wet makuladegeratio. It is possible to get the pathological processes under control on the basis of this, to save the patient from the dangers of the blindness. At us experenced already(on Budapest 5 they work eaten with an apparatus like this) favorable effect eye disaesses. Expedient, that at the eye patient with a state survey begin the treatment series, to compare the results before treatments since we have an opportunity in this manner and. PAPIMI treatment even more effective, if 2,5 are the patients regularly dayl I eats water, believes can do a cleanse on a manner like this the best, to wash the freed roughages out of the organization. Papimi arrived our magnetic induction equipment. Baggier information the treatments.