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Dr.Heldner Sylvia

The medical-latin expression of the colon on the inch. We understand a water therapy by a Hydro ntherapy, that is on Colon-Hydro_Terapia the form of the intestine cleaning at which we rinse the full colon with water with an alternate warm-cold temperature, we clean it.The aim the deliverance of the deposited from stool residues, from gases, from decomposition products and from toxins which burden the whole organisn, and serius illnesses may lead to his development

The patient lies on his back on a bed comfortable in the course of the cleaning while a pipe with finger thickness is introduced, onto a cuple centimetres of deep one into the rectum. Water is installed on the one hand through this, on the other hand with the stool residue full water here, leavas through this pipe. A report book window makes the watch of the cleared substance possible for the handler.
The medical attendant reveals the problemtic areas with a soft stomach massage and helps in the removal of the sediments. All a closed system, that is smell free and dry, for the patient not burdening. On Col-Hydro-Terapia in this manner the colon an one which cannot be immagined till now intensive and makes his through cleaning and his curing possible.
The patientfeels relief in the tightest sense of the word after the treatment. The therapy cure-like one generali with more occasions necessary to repeat from a state and from the symptoms.After the treatment a month probiotics(beneficent intestine bacteria artefact containing) his picking recommended the restoration of the intestinal flora from his aim.

The time of treatment cca. 45 minutes.


-the strengthening of an immune system
-the full curing of the intestines
-and hereby the restoration of the health
-the body encouraging him for self-therapy


-cutaneous disease
-articular illnes
-and on the case of a diverse chronic illnes
-dry cleaner cure