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PAPIMI magnetic induction!

With PAPIMI treatment curable:

  • Depressio and service opportunities

  • Allergiy and Asthma

  • The curing of eye diseases doctor-nature in a therepeutic surgery

  • Tal blood pressure and other circulatory illnesses

    What”s the PAPIMI?
    PAPIMI a medical therapeuticeqipment,wich is hot,-and radiatingmentesen brings energy into the organisation’s fabrics.The changing frequency of the magnetic impulsions helps in the biological synthesis,the recovery.
    We may say it in such a way that he helps to build healthy fabrics and to heal for the ill fabrics.

    How does work?

    Our organisation’s fabrics consist of cells. All functions, which happens for the function ofthe cells in the organization. An impermeable membrane, which defends the cell, surrounds all cells This cell membrane has electric charge. 
    For a young and healthycell membrane pontential of 70mV. An old ill cell membrane potential of significantly lover, 50mV.The cancer sell membrane potential of 15 mV. or even less. Inthe recovery cell lov the value of the potential, and substances like that are freed from him, which pain feeling causeIn the cell inside ions partcles for which his electric charge. This electric charge what builds up the membrane potential, and this what means the working ability of the cell. 
    When the membrane is low citicallythe cells little energy is for whwn the filling omto exterior magnetic field in a state like this increases the energy of the cell, and helps with the recovery.

    PAPIMI magnetic ion inductor apparatus in that direction it was developed, let the cell be allowed to get out in order for him to help to restore the absent filling quantity of the cells the energy from a crisis. PAPIMI encourages the inner power generation off the cell, procures the achievement of the normal membrane potential for the cell in this manner.
    The magnetic impulsions insure the necessary quantity without them having heat, which may harm the cells, aroused. This energy cell composing atoms bringst it into a state that the necessary reactions should be allowed to happen, which ones in the low energy state not, or only slowly they happen: PAPIMI treatment so lestores it and accelerates the bichemical processes without him harming them with a heat effect. Shortly so: PAPIMI helps the regeneration of the cell with the recovery through his help.

    What kind of energy PAPIMI brings onto existence equipment?

    PAPIMI creates magnetic field. The magnetic field penetrates the fabrics as opposed to the electric or electromagnetic fields, freely. 
    The papimi cable loop we put it above the handled area. The energy of the magnetic field to which rise was given decraeses by the square of the distance, but even in this manner 15-20 cm we may reckon with a bilogical effect im a depth. The magnetic field changing quickly induces little circular current inthe cells, and this will have an effect on the inner energy of the cells.

    The formation of the magnetic field to which rise was given and his collapse the second million happens under his part.This too short time to it, thar in the moleculesheat motion, or structural let him give rise to a transformation, the energy increasas the inner, biological energy of his elements forming the cell because of this.

    What can be useful PAPIMI

    PAPIMI the organization’s inner bioenergy, and throug this, self-healer increases his ability, because of this as an additional treatment, or applicable all of the row of the illnesses in himself with a succes.

    It was over in 14 years in Europe quasi 100, and it was applied on 150 clinics in United States; more hundred thousand of his ill without side effects not required based on experiences.
    The successor is suitable for the treatment of illnesses provenly:


    -sport injuries
    -bacterial infections
    -viral infections
    -articulal pains
    -inflammatory clinical pictures
    -bone muscle system pains
    -lasting long
    -cervical spine suffering from sciatica problems
    -pains joining malignant tumours and oedemata
    -dermatological changes
    -nerve demage
    -immun weaknes
    -gynaecological problems